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Bigs birthday [Dec. 10th, 2011|01:59 am]
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Tonight I have a house filled with 8 teenage boys plus my husband and Rhett. To say I'm outnumbered is an understatement. The night has been filled with trash talking fooseball playing, random acts of sliding down the stairs while wearing Eans beaker mask I made for Halloween, discussions of all the weird quirks of their coaches & teachers ( Eans gym coach taught me back in hs) their impression of him was spot on & pretty damn funny & a midnight game of basketball & enough food consumption to kill a horse.
He turns 13 today & is still the light of my life, he's turning into quite the young man & I couldn't be prouder of him.
Even amongst all his friends he's still not embarrassed to dance in the living room & say how much he loves his momma. I was a kid myself when I had him but we must have done something right in raising him because I couldn't ask for a sweeter, well behaved/mannered, loving child.
He also seems to be the common bond in creating new friendships among all types of kids. His group of friends consists of kids from all walks. It was nice hearing one of the football jocks say to a shy kid in band That was invited" your alright for a band kid, besides any friend of Eans is a friend of mine". Their conservations do get a bit interesting though when 1/3 of them are band nerds, 1/3 are in gifted & 1/3 of them eat , breath & live sports. I hate labels for anyone but they are what they are. I'm just glad they all seem to be good kids.

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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2011|11:12 pm]
10 hours in a car with my mother-in-law today & I'm pretty sure I coughed up my pancreas while heading home. I just want to crawl in bed and sleep for ...oh days sounds good. I have an extra kid for the next week & while I love him like my own it took all I had not to slap the shit out of his mom(my ex-sister in law) today. I ended up driving an extra hour & half with 102 fever while listening to my mil play trivial pursuit with herself & randomly break out in songs that she couldn't even come close to knowing all the lyrics to because she left late. Kevin owes me, like big time!
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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2011|10:01 pm]

I'm sitting here in the bathtub, yes with my phone in hand. I figure if Rev Run can get away with it why not me. Besides it truly is one of the few quite times I get. Typically a small hand will emerge underneath the door & paw at the back just like a cat, quickly followed by Rhett calling out "mom, mom I know your in there. I need to asks you something". However; tonight I snuck away while Kevin is reading him his bedtime stories. Yes stories because one is never enough.
I'm in the kids bathroom so I get the joy of sharing the tub with spiderman, a plastic caveman & a little pull string shark that swims. I want my bathroom back but until we actually get the time to finish it , it's main use is quick showers & brushing our teeth, which if I lift my arms while doing I hit a wall on each side. Thankfully me & kevin don't get ready at the same time each morning. We can at least both fit in the shower together which is more than I can say for our last place. Were not big people just always seem to get stuck with the smallest bathrooms, ever. Kevin can't sit in the tub without having his knees in his neck. We should get around to demo within the next year. I stupidly decided to rip it half a part when we first moved in thinking we would have the time to fix it right away. After almost a year & energy spent on countless other projects around here I just don't have the heart to tackle it right now.
Besides were heading into the second week of school. Ean is in honors band this year, I'm not sure how because at times he still sounds like a herd of angry geese are flying through the house instead of playing a saxophone. He's not crazy about the kids in band ( he thinks their strange) but he loves music & to play. Kevin played the saxophone & ended up in a punk band at 13. Ean has quite the eclectic taste in music for a kid his age so there's no telling where he'll end up. He knows he has our support wherever that may be. As a surprise were taking him to see Rain in Nov. He loves the Beetles so he should be pretty stoked.
The little ones teacher is already requesting a conference for behavior issues. I was wondering how long it would be. We shall see how it goes.
He made 6 last week & his party was this Sat. SIX, where the heck does time go?!? The theme was superheros & as a surprise the the big boys(Kevin, ean & cayman) dressed up as villains. keV as night shadow, ean was 5o'clock shadow & cayman was eyeshadow. Yes there were costumes & a grown man wearing tighty whities over his pants. He loves his babies & will do anything to make them happy.

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Enough to make me want to pull my hair out [Jul. 26th, 2011|11:22 pm]

I love how people with "normal" kids, ones not on the spectrum, like to give me advice on how to raise my kids. You can take you advice & shove it up your happy little asshole or whichever hole you'd like.
Note I said normal above because I keep being told that my child isn't. Isn't what? Within society's standards of normalcy? Who defines normal anyway?
This rant evolved due to the fact that Rhett has started pulling his hair out in large patches. It's a stimming thing & when asked why he does he said because it makes me calm & it's fun, same was said for trying to pull his teeth out. The hairdresser today decided to tell me that Autisim was a made up disorder & not to worry he'd outgrow it. Then proceeded to give me pointers on child rearing because I must be doing something wrong for him to do this. Really? Fucking Really?!?
I can't begin to explain the things he has taught me, patience being a big one but to look at the world through his eyes is an amazing thing, the way he thinks & interprets things us normal folks take for granted. He's fixing to turn 6 & has more personality & jokes than mist adults I know.
I'll admit it's not easy at times, in fact it fucking hard as heck some days but would I trade him, not for the world!

This rant was brought to you by the letter F & U ..... This goes out to you Mrs. Hairdresser

On a positive note:
Things are going quite well with other areas of my life. The kids are about to start school, I'm staying pretty busy on the side with my photography work, I taught Layla to high five , although she gets confused now & high fives the kids when they run by. People still look at me like I'm crazy when we go for walks as the 60 pd. Pitbull is flanked by a 7 pd. Yorkie & a overweight, one toothed mini schnauzer. I call them my furtourage .

Work is good & while life isn't always great it's my life & I love it. I'm now going to soak my tired bones before Zilla Bear wakes up.
Nighty Nite!

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I be soakin, that's what I be doin [Mar. 30th, 2011|10:53 pm]
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Testies, Testies, one, two
Dear mr. Journal, my long lost friend who I betray by getting wrapped up with the ever so popular & easy to use facebook, she is but a whore & while I must admit I enjoyed taking her for a spin I miss you. I vow to attempt to return to you some day & made a valiant effort to do so by downloading the LJ app. Which makes it ever so easy to post while soaking in the tub, which seems to be the only place I get peace & quite now days. New things are on the horizon for me on a personal but also spiritual level. What exactly does that mean?....I'm not quite sure other than I'm fixing to chart into unknown territory in the workfield, I'm contemplating going back to school &even though I just turned 31 I'm more comfortable in my own skin than ever before, except the fact that there's a bit more of it then I would like to have :p
Lifes good right now & only seems to keep getting better with minimal speed bumps along the way. Thanks for staying faithful & I promise I'll be back soon.

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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2009|05:12 am]
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jumping in the car with no set place in mind. the seatbelts leaving marks on fat faces. singing silly tunes way out of key. sharing stories of what was & what will soon be. having a weekend filled with lots of fun,love & great memories. hopefully these are the times they remember.
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A bit surreal [Feb. 7th, 2009|06:52 am]
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This week has been one of the most nerve wrecking. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am a big animal lover and the protective mom to not only 2 human kids but 3 furbabies as well. All of our past pets have been saved from the pound or from rescue, including Brutice. Pony, our english mastiff, has been the only exceptation.
We did a ton of research and talked with numerous breeders before selecting one, we then drove over 1200 miles to pick him up as i did not wnat him "shipped" to us and the breeder did not use this method anyway. I can not tell you how perfect this dog fit into our family from the very begining. Sweet, tolerable, protective, he was everything we had wished for especially with having a small child at the time.
Pony was dx with arthritis about a year ago and was placed on supplements. this did not seem to affect him besides him being a bit stiff every now & then. Flashforward to last Friday. I took him in to our reg. vet for a check up & because I had noticed a small lump on his right leg near his paw about two days before. I had assumed it was the arthritis acting up as I was told this would happen and it did not seem to be affecting him at all. The vet took x-rays and came back with the news that he has Osteosarcoma, a very aggressive bone cancer. The lump on his leg was a tumor that had already ate thru the leg bone on one side. I'm crying as i write this just because it is still very hard to know that my baby was in pain and was still allowing the kids to be their usual selves with him, granted they are not mean but Zilla can be a bit rough at times.
Our options were that chest x-rays came back clear we could amputate the leg. We were told this might give us 3 weeks, 6 mo., 2 years. There were no guarantees that he would even be able to walk on his own after the surgery. Our other option was to put him to sleep. Chest X-rays & blood work came back clear & we set a tentative date to amputate for Monday. He was given pain meds to help make him comfortable over the weekend & sent home.
I didn't sleep or eat for 3 days straight. Everyone I spoke to said to just put him down, my mother told me that I was being selfish in wanting to keep him here. She shut up when i told here that putting her to sleep when she had cancer wasn't an option, I know that sounds harsh & it was but I think it got the point across to her how much this dog means to us.
Over the course of the weekend his foot started to swell to an insane size, I knew we had to do something. I wanted evidence that he would be able to support himself on 3 legs after the surgery. I knew that he still had good, quality life in him and i felt that i had to give him a chance to prove it. In my search I have only come across 2 other english mastiffs that have had front legs amputated. Pony was much larger in weight (currently at 195)then 1 of them, the other, it has only been 5 mo. since surgery but she is doing well.
We followed thru with surgery and even though I had seen pictures and knew what to expect it was a total shock to see my baby standing there, half shaved, stitched, drugged & staggering about on 3 legs. The first night was a bit rough as he was still highly medicated kevin was having to pack him up & down the steps to take him outside to potty, a feat not easily done with a 170 pd. dog. Second day I guess he had something to prove & when we came home & opended the door he bolted out & down the steps by himself & went playing about all over the yard. It's been 6 days now & he is doing great. He does get tired quite easily & has lost a lot of weight (he's down to 140), which will actually only help him, but he is back to his normal self, enjoying belly rubs, our first car ride will be Wed., & quality time with his family.
Even if this only allows us another 6 mo. with him I feel the decision was well worth it, he has been invaluable to our family & I don't feel that it was his time to go yet. Please let anyone know that is facing the decision to amputate, own or adopt a tripawed pet that if my big moose-headed baby can do just fine, they will never regret the decision.

I have included some links but please be forewarned that he has not fully recovered and the bottom two do show is incision site, it's nothing gross but..

This is him just this past summer, playing in the sprinkler & barking at the watermelons in the garden, for some reason he thought they were going to get him

These are him yesterday, he does have elevated food & water bowls, they are inside. these were placed outside to entice him to come out. A peice of cheese ending up doing the trick instead.

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Hope & Pray [Jan. 24th, 2007|12:23 pm]

I've been meaning to update about a lot of things ,like Christmas & New years but time to myself isn't something that's been comming in abundance lately. The holidays were great & busy.I'm still finding pine tree needles in my carpet. We got a DVR ( I call it all TIVO,Kev informs me quickly that I'm wrong) & I can't even find the damn time to watch the recorded shows.

What's been keeping me busy is the Hope VI project that I've been working on for ,going on 3 years now, which I've dubbed Hope & Pray because that's what I do everyday to get thru working on it. It's bascially Urban development with some green development thrown in. It's however ended up being a big political mess that I get the joy of sorting out drawing/project wise. WEEEEEEE!

I've also taken on doing extra house plans on the side to make some extra cash for this summer's vacation & my mom has got me drawing up her current house plans which she so nicly changes her mind on every couple of days.

I currently look like I'm sporting a bad she-mullet b/c I can't find the time to go get a badly needed haircut. I'm trying to let it grow out. I found out that I have way to much Hippie in me to have short hair.

Kids are doing great. E's b-ball team is undefeated so far. I knew we'd finally find something that our skinny little white boy was good at. He has a little girl calling the house for him, he's fricking 8! can you tell I don't like it :p Thankfully he could care less right now and I'm hoping it stays that way.

Zilla is now 16 mo. Anyone want a baby? He's super cute, gives hugs & kisses, he's in the middle of potty-learning, & will help you sort laundry.

Only catch- you have to return him once he starts sleeping thru the night & stops tramatizing the cat.

It's a good thing Peppers (or Peckers as Kev lovingly calls hims) doesn't have a tail b/c Rhett would have already pulled it off.

I gotta get back to Hope & pray :P
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HELP PLEASE ! [Nov. 4th, 2004|09:35 am]
when I log in I see this-

Deleted Account
This journal has been deleted. If you are naim, you have a period of 30 days from the deletion time to undelete the journal. After 30 days we will delete all content permanently from our servers.

How do I undeleate it ,and why the hell was it deleated in the first place??
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Anyone [Jul. 8th, 2004|09:54 am]
I need words that describe the female body...ready ..........set.........gooooooooooo!
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