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niam's Journal

26 March 1980
Greetings and Salutations,
I'm a 5'1 wanna be tall person. This is me don't ask me what the fark I'm doing there because the best answer I could give you is that I was making duck faces and practicing my drop kicks.

These are the children in my life
yes the human one is mine and so are the furry ones. Me and the lover are also atempting to have another child so you will often read about the ongoing battle with that as well as all the random comboobala that happens in my life.

If for some strange reason you'd like to be involved in the ongoings of my life. Just ask to be added.

I'm aslo dyslexic, and often type fast and I don't go back to correct myself, I also like to use run on sentences. If this bothers you or you're some sort of spelling nazi,please refrain from reading my journal.